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Save the Gobi Bear 

Mazaalai means Gobi bear
Mazaalai – this simple mongolian world means Gobi Bear who inhabits in the Gobi desert of Mongolia. No other place on the entire Earth is home for this rare specie of Bear. Its scientific name is Ursus Arctos Gobiensis. It’s listed in the Red Book of Mongolia with a status of VERY RARE. They were found in the Desert of Aj Bogdo of West Altai mountain ranges in early 1920s. Mazaalai is near extinction & globally threatened bear.

Distribution: Mt. Tost & Nemegt; Hairkhan, Zakhui & Zarman oases; Segs Tsagaan Bogdo, Shar Khuls & Tumurtei Khokh ranges; Mt.Atas & Inges; Zaraa& Baruun Khar in the trans Altai Gobi Desert.
Habitat:  Hilly & rocky areas near the ponds, springs and oases such as Shar Khuls, Tsagaan Tokhoi & Tsagaan Burgas. Hibernation season is Nov-March. Average weight is 90-100 kilos & body length is 150 sm & height is 80-92 sm.

Food: leaves & roots of bajuuna ( a desert cabbage like plant ) and kharmag berry ( a desert wild blackberry); desert insects, lizard & carrions of the smaller animals

Population: 15-20 bears in 1960; 20 bears in 1970; 25-30 bears in 1980 & 30 bears in earle 1990. The population fluctuates each year due to the harsh climate and shortage of food and water.

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Why The Gobi Bear 
- because Mazaalai is the only Bear specie that lives wild in the desert  on the entire Earth
- because Mazaalai is the last preseved Bear specie that does not live in the zoo in other places
-  because Mazaalai is the same cute and rare bear specie as Panda and Koala who enjoy worldwide care & conservation
- because Mazaalai is not only Mongolia’s nature given national gift, but he is a treasure of the worldwide wildlife kingdom.
- because Mazaalai must be available for our future generations to enjoy & learn about this rare animal

Why they die?
-  shortage of food & water in early sprting
-  disturbance by livestock & people
-  accidental traps & kills
-  migration for access to water & food 
-  competition for food & territory with livestock & humen activities.
Extinction Danger.
There is no unified understanding and statistics on the bear population yet both in Mongolia & world. Mazaalai is the most less studied & investigated bear on the  planet. The best estimated number of this specie could reach between 20-25 heads at present. Under the present circumstances of Mongolia’s & worldwide climate changes, Mazaalai faces far more dangers to go extinct than in the trevious decades. In this native home, Mongolia, Mazaalai is out of public & private attention. The world does not know this rare bear at all. But every infant & senior citizen in the world see photos & pictures of Pandas & Koalas everyday. There is no Mazaalai in the zoo anywhere. Should they die off in Mongolia there will not any change to re- introduce Mazaalai.

Proposed Actions
The Government:
-    establish a national non profit organisation for scientific research & conservation of Mazaalai
-    announce 27 September as Save Mazaalai National Day for fundraising & public education to raise awareness
-    include mazaalai conservation projects into international conservation programm
-    establish regulation for travel & tourism related businesses to donate an amount of proceeding to the foundation

The immediate projects:
-    start population census
-    protect & restore oases, ponds & springs in the habitat areas
-    do feasibility studies for waterholes & feeding stations projects
-    study & implement re- introducing in previous habitat